Wedding, formal, special occasions…

get the hair of your dreams.

Extensions are a must have for every Gorgeous Bride, offering fuller, longer, and more beautiful wedding hair.

As brides prepare for their big day, they are likely thinking about the dress, jewellery, shoes, accessories, and makeup before their big occasion. Probably the second biggest decision after the dress of course, is their hair.

For weeks & months beforehand, they will envy all the brides in the magazines with an intricate Updo’s or have a long, beautiful waterfall of curls down their back. Many women may not realize that they may not be able to achieve the look that they want without the help of quality Hair Extensions.

Rapunzel for Hair extensions are the perfect asset for creating your dream hair for that fairytail wedding or very special event.

Whether it’s an intricate braid or messy bun, Rapunzel for Hair gives you the lengths and fullness to achieve that look.. 

Rapunzel for Hair Extensions has been the first port of call for Hair & Makeup professionals worldwide.

Give the team at Rapunzel for hair a call on 1300 885 880 or email to discuss wedding or special occasion requirements. We offer great discounts on group packages!