Can I curl or colour/Dye the Hair Extensions?

At Rapunzel for Hair we use the best 100% Human Hair, which means the extensions can be curled, straightened coloured just like your natural hair. However, these processes can effect & reduce the quality of your extensions over time. We take no responsibility for any unsatisfactory results from dying or toning the hair extensions. This is because we cannot be sure how the specific dying product may react or the method in which it was applied.

Our hair goes through a long gentle pigmentation process to obtain our extensive range of shades. If you are considering, colouring the extensions, we recommend using a semi- permanent colour to ONLY darken the hair, as it is considerably gentler. However this too may reduce the quality of the hair.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE : You must NEVER attempt to bleach hair extensions lighter, as the bleach will strip & damage the hair.

Before any dying/toning, always do a test on a small piece of extension to ensure you are creating the correct shade & are happy with the quality afterwards.