How long will Rapunzel for Hair Extensions last?

Rapunzel for hair Extensions are made with the finest quality European hair on the market.

It is difficult to pinpoint the lifespan of the hair due to many factors.

How long your hair extensions last largely depends on your lifestyle & maintenance. Where & how the extensions are worn must be considered. Bars, clubs or to the office & how you protect them will determine how long they last.

Other factors that will shorten the lifespan & quality include over washing, swimming in chlorine & seawater, colouring, bleaching &
using Shampoo’s & Conditioners with Sulphates in the ingredients.

Unlike your natural hair, Hair Extensions lack the nourishment oils from the scalp. This means they are more likely to be sensitive to damage & not repair as your natural hair does. The more your hair extensions are washed, the more the remaining natural oils are stripped from the cuticle which will eventually dry them out.

As a guide, we suggest replacing your hair extensions every 4-6 months with moderate use or when they lose their original look & feel.
However, we have customers who wear them everyday & replace their set once a year. This shows with a bit of TLC, your extensions will last longer.

Rest assured when purchasing Rapunzel for Hair Extensions, your expectations will be exceeded.